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What are BEFIT points?
BEFIT points are awarded after you finish a workout at a personal trainers gym or a regular one. They are credited by a receptionist or a personal trainer.
How many points do i need to collect in order to receive my first BEFIT token package?
Check available packages in the app.
If i delete the app will i lose my points or tokens?
You will lose your points, but your BEFIT tokens will remain in your wallet.
Can i gift my points to someone?
You can not gift points. However, you can gift BEFIT tokens.
Can i trade points for tokens with someone?
It is not possible to trade points for tokens with another person.
Can i sell my points?
It is not possible to sell points.
Can i receive BEFIT tokens directly, without collecting points?
You can not. You have to collect points first, after you have collected enough points for the first token package, you can get your token reward sent to your wallet.
What are BEFIT Tokens?
BEFIT tokens are a cryptocurrency with which Be Fit By Me rewards you for working out.
How can i get BEFIT tokens?
By working out at a BEFIT sponsored gym or with a personal trainer that is a part of the BEFIT system.
What can i buy with BEFIT tokens?
At the moment, you can use BEFIT tokens to pay for your personal trainer or a gym membership. Products will also be available to buy soon.
Are BEFIT tokens tradeable?
BEFIT tokens can be traded on the market. Within your wallet you have a section called DEX where you can exchange your BEFIT tokens for any other cryptocurrency, euros or dollars.
Is there a limit to how many BEFIT tokens i can have?
There is no limit to the amount of tokens.
How many BEFIT tokens can i collect in a month?
The amount of BEFIT tokens that you can get within one month depends on the number of workouts you have done. In order to collect the most coins possible you should train with a BEFIT personal trainer and at a BEFIT gym.
How many tokens can i collect in one day?
You can not collect BEFIT tokens in one day. You need to collect points, and after you have enough points we will send you your BEFIT tokens.
How many points can i collect in one day?
In one day you can get points from a personal trainer and a gym once, but only if they are in the BEFIT system. It is very important that you do not cross this limit as we monitor everything and if this rule is broken we will be forced to remove your ability to gather points and redeem them for tokens.
At which gyms can i pay for a membership using BEFIT tokens?
Using BEFIT tokens you can pay for a membership only at gyms that have a contract with Be Fit By Me about using BEFIT tokens. Those places are uniquely marken in our application.
On which platforms can i trade my BEFIT coins?
Currently BEFIT tokens can be traded within your wallet on the DEX platform.
What are Waves?
Waves are a cryptocurrency used for transactions on the Wave platform.
Can i trade Waves?
Waves can be traded even without the BEFIT platform.
Can i make a transaction with BEFIT tokens without Waves?
It is not possible to make a transaction without Waves.
How can i buy Waves?
Waves can be purchased on the DEX platform within your wallet. You can pay for them with cash or exchange them for BEFIT tokens or any other cryptocurrency that you own.
Can i gift Waves?
Yes, Waves can be gifted.
What is a Wallet?
Wallet is your digital wallet that serves as storage for your BEFIT tokens and you can use it to make transactions.
How do i install a Wallet?
You can have a Wallet within the Be Fit application. A desktop version is also available and can be downloaded at the followin link:
I can't access my Wallet?
Please contact our support team. You will get a response within 24 hours.