Designed for companies

Be Fit is an application that enables fitness companies to raise the quality and number of clients. The application is easy to use and brings multiple benefits and rewards. Become a member of the Be Fit, gain access to your reward system, so that your clients can also be rewarded with BEFIT cryptocurrency by training with you.

Apply as a company

In order to apply as a company, you need to fill in the form on our website or within the app.

Your own company page

You have to fill in the form with as much information as possible and send it to us. It is very important that all of the information you provide is accurate. Your email address should be the same as the one on your profile..
We will develop your profile page in order to promote you in the best way possible.

Be Fit rewards your clients

Increase the size of your clientele by having them train with you, and we will reward them. After the client finishes his workout, gym receptionist must confirm that the workout was completed by entering a password in their phone which you will get from Be Fit By Me. Your client will then be rewarded with points. When a certain amount of points is earned by the client, we will send them BEFIT tokens directly into their "Wallet".

Be rewarded with BEFIT cryptocurrency

Be Fit gyms receive a certain amount of BEFIT tokens each month.You can keep them, spend them, exchange for a different cryptocurrency or sell for real money.

Download our app today. Exercise and earn money by exercising.