About The Be Fit By Me App

Made for fitness lovers and fitness professionals

We want you to become healthier, lose weight, be stronger, or simply look better regardless of the level of activity and be satisfied with yourself. That's why we have created a unique motivation and reward system, through which users will earn a certain number of points with each completed training session. When you gain enough points, we will reward you with the BEFIT cryptocurrency.

With every drop of sweat you can earn or pay for your fitness needs.


Download our app today. Exercise and earn money by exercising.


What do our users say?

Love this app! I love the workouts, great variety, interface, useful notifications, way how we can save up money because of all information in it… This app is exactly what I needed to become more consistent when I work out. I would recommend this to anyone who does not have a lot of time to spare, does not like to throw a money or wants to stay in shape, really. The most useful app ever for all fitness lovers.

What do our users say?

Nice app so far… all you need to get or stay in shape, really. There are a great work outs with lots of variety of exercises. Overall it is great for getting in good shape or just changing up a workout routine. I love the concept and layout, magazine is great, and I adore the possibility to employ a personal trainer, here and now. Thumbs up for positive encouragement and being user friendly.

What do our personal trainers say?

This app is worth having . Lifelong has a lot of potential. My favorite tool is of course “Apply to become a trainer” because I am personal trainer, and this is a chance to find more clients for myself. I like the fact that the team members are easy for cooperation and we quickly find a deal for me to become part of the Be Fit By Me. I hope we would have a good cooperation.